Walimex pro StabyFlow Director System Set

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steadycam with vest and spring arm for video DSLRs for stabilization during tracking shots... more
Product information "Walimex pro StabyFlow Director System Set"
  • steadycam with vest and spring arm for video DSLRs for stabilization during tracking shots and panning
  • for fluent, steady and blur-free filming, even with rapid camera movements
  • perfect suspension of cameraman movements by the special spring arm
  • optimal weight distribution due to the vest for long shootings, almost effortless
  • simple balancing with weights and variable adjustment possibilities
  • excellent carrying comfort due to the padded vest
  • well gliding joints for smooth, fluent movements
  • camera mount with precise scaling , can be shifted to front/rear and left/right
  • round rods for fastening accessories such as Follow Focus, Matte Box, etc.
  • lies securely and steadily in your hand
  • extremely robust and of excellent workmanship
  • can be matched to various body heights
  • the Video Rig can be easily mounted

Film like a professional
Let's start! Whatever film pro's have been doing for a while is now also within your reach. Even entire episodes of popular American TV shows have been filmed with DSLR cameras. With the steadycam for compact cameras and small DSLRs, professional film results, that previously were only known from Hollywood & Co., are now also possible for you.

Well thought-out design
The walimex pro Steadycam completely absorbs the movements of the cameraman and prevents undesired transfer of such movements to the camera. In order to precisely work out the balance point of your camera, you must first mount the camera securely to the rubberized camera mount and, with the help of a tripod, you can balance the steadycam by means of a drop test. Then you put on the vest including the spring arm and plug in the steadycam. This keeps the camera correctly aligned and undesired rotations are avoided. The Video Rig can be easily plugged onto the spring arm.

Fluent and smooth camera movements
A cameraman using our steadycam for filming has freedom of movement without any negative effect on the quality of the film caused by jittering. Due to its well thought-out design the steadycam enables smooth and fluent tracking shots. Movements caused by e.g. walking or panning will not be transferred to the camera, because it rests in its centre of gravity. These simple means give you professional results. The vest fits comfortably to the body and can be adapted for various sizes.

Spring arm to minimize jittering
The spring arm is plugged on to the vest and rounds of the design. The integrated spring can be adapted to the steadycam with the mounted camera either harder or softer, depending on the total weight of the camera. The additional joints ensure a free radius for neat and fluent pans. In addition to this, the arm carries the complete weight, which is optimally distributed by the vest and thus enables long and almost effortless shootings. The rubber coating dampens any contacts of flexible elements of the spring arm in case of rapid movements.

High-quality workmanship
Great importance was attached to the use of top-quality materials for the manufacture. The Carbon made device impresses with its robustness, its light weight and rests perfectly in your hand. For additional comfort the vest is perfectly padded and the spring arm. Despite the extensive structure, the steadycam does hardly restrict your freedom of movement when filming and thus enables perfect film shots.

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Specifications "Walimex pro StabyFlow Director System Set"

1x Walimex pro Schwebestativ StabyPod L 120cm Carbon

General information

Product Color Black, Blue
Weight 1610g


Max. Capacity 6kg
Min. Length 68cm
Max. Length 123cm
counterweight 2x 40g, 2x 20g
length handle 125mm
1/4 inch accessories thread Yes
Made in Germany No


Girth 1638mm
Height of Packaging 200mm
Length of Packaging 720mm
Packaging Material Carton
Packaging with Euro Hole No
Weight incl. Packaging 3950g
Width of Packaging 259mm

1x Walimex pro Weste Staby Balance I inkl. Federarm

General information

Product Color Black
Weight 4170g


Max. Capacity 4kg
Longest Element Arm 240mm
Vest Weight 2140g
Arm Weight 2030g
Made in Germany No


Girth 1876mm
Height of Packaging 219mm
Length of Packaging 660mm
Packaging Material Carton
Packaging with Euro Hole No
Weight incl. Packaging 5670g
Width of Packaging 389mm


Girth 2762mm
Height of Packaging 445mm
Length of Packaging 752mm
Packaging Material Carton
Packaging with Euro Hole Nomm
Weight incl. Packaging 9620g
Width of Packaging 560mm
Scope of Delivery "Walimex pro StabyFlow Director System Set"
  • 1x walimex pro StabyPod Carbon steadycam, 4 counterweight elements, 1x spring arm, 1x vest, 2x screws to fasten the counterweights
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