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Full Greenscreen Studio set for smartphone users, ideal for Insta, YouTube, TikTok... more
Product information "HomeStudio Starter-Kit by Walimex"
  • Full Greenscreen Studio set for smartphone users, ideal for Insta, YouTube, TikTok
  • Greenscreen 200 x 300 cm with clamps and rings for hanging as background
  • Ring light with tripod and ball head to illuminate subject and background
  • Clamp holder for easy attachment of a smartphone for photography, filming or streaming
  • Microphone with clothes clip, with extension cable 3 m as well as adapter for smartphones

Be where you want!
If you film yourself in front of a green screen, you can replace everything green in the picture with your desired background using suitable software. So host apparently from a tropical beach, from a high mountain or from a dense jungle. This technology has long been used in film and television and is now available to beginners and amateurs thanks to many great smartphone apps. All you have to do is hang the green background smoothly and light it evenly, so that the app can do what is known as colour keying. Everything that is not the colour of the green screen then appears in front of the newly selected background. This also works live when streaming with many apps.

Full set to get you started
This set contains everything you need to get started in the greenscreen world: A 200 x 300 cm cotton green screen, plus clamps and rings for hanging. The tripod can be extended to a height of 120 cm and carries both the ring light and the smartphone holder, or other equipment up to 3 kg. The ring light is used to illuminate the scene, the smartphone holder is used to attach the smartphone for filming or photography. There is also a clip-on microphone with extension cable for the best possible sound recording.

Dimmable ring light with selectable colour temperature
The 6-watt ring light included in the set contains 24 LEDs for warm white light and 24 LEDs for cool white light. The colour temperature is produced by mixing the different LEDs and can be adjusted in three steps between 3,000 K (artificial light) and 5,000 K (daylight). The brightness can be dimmed in 10 steps. Power is supplied via USB. The lamp is attached to the top of the tripod with its threaded bolt via the ball head. This makes it easy to position it ideally. The light of the ring lamp produces ring-shaped reflections in the eye, which is perceived as very pleasant.

Clip-on microphone
The included lavalier microphone with 1.5 m cable features an omnidirectional characteristic, so it picks up sound from all directions. It can be attached to a shirt or blouse with the clothing clip so that everything spoken is transmitted crystal clear to the smartphone. This makes the sound recording much better than when using the microphone from the smartphone. Frequencies between 50 and 16,000 Hz are picked up, i.e. the full range of the human voice as well as most musical instruments. The included foam windscreen prevents popping noises and wind blowing when used outdoors. Thanks to the 3 m extension for the microphone cable, the user has plenty of freedom of movement. The cable is plugged into the smartphone with a 3.5 mm jack. An adapter plug is included for smartphones with USB-C connection. Separate Lightning adapters for iOS devices can also be used.

Universal smartphone holder
The smartphone holder is attached to the side of the lamp stand with an included clamp. It can hold smartphones in classic landscape format as well as in portrait format. Smartphones from 58 to 88 mm wide and up to 300 grams can be used. The clamp grips them reliably. The user can freely decide which of the cameras should be pointed at the green screen. Insertion takes only seconds.

Quick to set up
The background system is really quick to set up. With the enclosed fasteners, you can easily suspend the greenscreen in front of a bookshelf, for example. Tripod and light are set up in a minute, the smartphone holder just as quickly. Now just plug in the microphone and connect it to the smartphone, clamp the smartphone in the holder, and you're ready to go! The system can be dismantled just as quickly. The green screen should always be folded neatly so that there are no ugly creases.

All parts can also be used individually
The parts of the set can also be used separately: The stand can be used as a normal lamp stand in the photo studio, the ring light as well. The ball head also supports small cameras or the smartphone adapter and can be used on the enclosed or other tripods. The tripod mount for the smartphone holder can also be attached to any pipes or rods of the appropriate diameter and to it, for example, the ball head with a small camera, or also the ring light. The fabric background can also be used separately for green screen shots of all kinds.

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Specifications "HomeStudio Starter-Kit by Walimex"

General information

Product Type Ring Light, Smartphone Tripod/Mount, Smartphone Microphone, Background system, Lamp tripod
Weight 1700g
Length 77mm
Material Synthetic material, Cotton, Aluminium, metal
Product Color Black, Green


Number of LEDs 48
Performance 6W
inner diamter 100mm
Type of tripod Lamp Tripod
Min. Working Height 500mm
Pack Measure 47cm
Max. Load Tripod 3000g
Tripod Excerpts 3St.
Diameter 2nd Tripod Segment (from below)Diameter 2nd Tripod Segment (from below) 19mm
Connection Micorphone 3,5 mm jack plug
Polar Pattern Omnidirectional
Load Capacity 1kg
Connection to the tripod (for tripod head) 1/4
Connection middle column 1/4 inch
Fabric tunnel for pole mount Yes


Girth 1633mm
Height of Packaging 273mm
Length of Packaging 77mm
Packaging Material Carton
Packaging with Euro Hole No
Weight incl. Packaging 2050g
Width of Packaging 505mm
Scope of Delivery "HomeStudio Starter-Kit by Walimex"
  • 1x Lamp Stand
  • 1x LED ring light 48 LEDs
  • 1x Ball Head
  • 1x Smartphone-Holder
  • 1x Tripod mount for Smartphone Holder
  • 1x Microphone with 150 cm cable
  • 1x Extension cable for microphone 300 cm
  • 1x USB-C adapter for microphone
  • 1x Green fabric background, 200 x 300 cm (Greenscreen)
  • 2x Clamps
  • 2x Mounting Rings
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