Studioset Daylight 150/150/150+Shooting Table

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convenient Shooting Table ideal for still life and product photography, e.g. eBay... more
Product information "Studioset Daylight 150/150/150+Shooting Table"
  • convenient Shooting Table
    • ideal for still life and product photography, e.g. eBay
    • optimal for pictures, which should be cropped
    • translucent diffusion surface
    • load capacity approx. 5kg
    • easy and quick to mount and demount
  • 3x Daylight 150
    • cold light source, therefore less than heat development in studio
    • each incl. 1 environment-friendly 25W lamp instead of common 1x150W
    • colour temperature approx. 5400K
    • can be used in connection with compact cameras
    • operation in automatic programming without any problems
  • 3x Lamp Tripod WT-803
    • lightweight tripod out of aluminium
    • max. load capacity: approx. 2,5kg
    • incl. convenient carrying bag

Permanent light in use
Permanent light sources are most suitable for photographers and videographers, because they enable a direct assessment of the projection and intensity of light. Apart from this, constant light can also be easily integrated into other light colours, like e.g. into artificial as well as natural light sources, since the photographer or videographer is able to flexibly adapt the ratio to the ambient light.

For beginners permanent light is highly appropriate, because the effect of continuous light is easier to judge. The artist is in this case able to work dynamically and playfully, and to fully concentrate on „setting the light“. Shots with the aperture wide opened like portraits, evocative still lifes and dynamic video sequences can be easily realized.

Colour fidelity and light control
Daylights generate a bright, white light, similar to daylight. Due to a CRI-value of more than 83 and a colour temperature of approx. 5400 Kelvin, our Daylights ensures a very good colour reproduction. In order to be able to model the light as required for the situation, there is a number of light controls available for our Daylights, which will offer the desired effect, depending on the situation. Fluorescent lamps cannot be regulated with respect to their intensity, we have therefore developed a stage based solution for systems with several lamps, in which lamps can be switched on or off, just as required.

Fluorescent lamps are far more efficient than conventional electric light bulbs, the power in Watt does not express much about the actual light efficiency. This is the reason why the power of our Daylights is given in lumen (lm), lux and as comparison value to conventional electric light bulbs.

E27 socket
The spiral lamps of our Daylights are designed for being used with a conventional E27 socket. With our special E27 sockets you have also the possibility to mount the construction on a tripod and to attach various light controls.

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Specifications "Studioset Daylight 150/150/150+Shooting Table"

3x Walimex pro WT-803 Lampenstativ 208 cm

General information

Product Type Lamp tripod, Studio tripod
Material Aluminium, synthetic material (locks)
Product Color Black
Length 700mm
Width 60mm
Weight 830g


Min. Working Height 710mm
Max. Load Tripod 3500g
Pack Measure 70cm
Fastening Tripod Connection Adapter Locking screw
Connection 5/8 Spigot, 3/8 inches of thread , 1/4 Inch with thread connection
Weight tripod 830g
Tripod Excerpts 3St.
Number of Tripod Segments extendible 2
Recession obstructed No
Diameter 2nd Tripod Segment (from below)Diameter 2nd Tripod Segment (from below) 21mm
Diameter 3rd Tripod Segment (from below) 17mm
Material closures Synthetic material
Material Tripod Legs Aluminium
Transportation Bag, Tripod included Yes


Girth 400mm
Height of Packaging 80mm
Length of Packaging 740mm
Packaging Material Carton
Packaging with Euro Hole No
Weight incl. Packaging 1220g
Width of Packaging 80mm

3x Walimex Daylight 150 1x25W

General information

Product Type Daylight permanent light
Material Aluminium, metal, synthetic material
Product Color Black
Length 250mm
Width 180mm
Weight 1350g


Reflector shape Round
Diameter 180mm
Nominal/ rated luminous flux 1600lm
Performance 25W
Max. grid operation performance 25Watt
Equivalent Light Bulb Performance 150W
colour rendering index Ra 82-85Ra
Lamp Spiral daylight lamp, Energy-saving bulb
Number of Lamps bulbs bulbs 1Stk.
Performance per lamp 25Watt
Colour Temperature 5300-5500K
Color Temperature adjustable No, Yes by color filter, sold separately, Yes by change of lamp
Luminosity Daylight 2m 48Lux
Brightness step-by-step dimmable No
Pedestal E27
Connection Mount 16mm inclusion and 5/8 inch spigot, Ball head, adjustable
Body material Metal
Length net cable 4m
Nominal/ rated power consumption 25
Mercury salary 1,6mg
Start-up time to 60% of the luminous flux 0,6s
Lamp light stream preservation at the end of the nominal life span > 50%
Lamp replaceable Yes
Voltage supply AC 220 - 240 V 50-60 Hz


Girth 1131mm
Height of Packaging 219mm
Length of Packaging 245mm
Packaging Material Carton
Packaging with Euro Hole No
Weight incl. Packaging 1669g
Width of Packaging 224mm

1x Walimex Aufnahmetisch Basic S, Aufnahmehöhe 50cm

General information

Product Color Black, White
Length 1000mm
Width 500mm
Weight 2650g


Load Capacity 5kg
Diffusion Area Translucent
Lenght Diffusion Area 1000mm
Width Diffusion Area 500mm
Material Diffusion Area Synthetic material
Material Frame Metal
Max. Total Height 1050mm
Bag No
Operation Area Material photography, Produkt photography


Girth 1270mm
Height of Packaging 70mm
Length of Packaging 1250mm
Weight incl. Packaging 4900g
Width of Packaging 530mm


Girth 2500mm
Length of Packaging 1010mm
Weight incl. Packaging 7789g
Width of Packaging 500mm
Scope of Delivery "Studioset Daylight 150/150/150+Shooting Table"
  • 1x walimex Shooting Table Basic S, working level 50cm, consisting of a Frame and a Diffusion Surface
  • 3x walimex Daylight 150, with 25W Daylight Spiral Lamp, Reflector, Protection Cap and Power Cord
  • 3x walimex WT-803 Lamp Tripod, 200cm with convenient carrying bag
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